Catalyst for Clean Energy Adoption in Asia
By Asia. In Asia. For Asia.


Giga Asia is the clean energy multiplier for Asia and plays a leading role as the catalyst for gigawatts of clean energy adoption in Asia by 2030.

  • Composed of a core team of seasoned experts in the nexus of sustainability, energy, and finance, with an unparalleled passion for an inclusive and responsive energy transition in Asia.

  • A platform and service provider by Asia, in Asia, for Asia. We  recognize the outsized economic role and climate impact contribution of Asian economies, particularly ASEAN Plus Three bloc.

  • COVID-19 has emphasized the need for both in-country resilience and closer regional cooperation and climate change remains the biggest existential threat to humanity. Giga Asia will contribute to efforts towards sustainable recovery and low-carbon future.  We believe that development in Asia's economies do not need to compromise basic rights to clean air and a healthy environment.


  • lightning

    Speed (GHz) 

    We are nimble and flexible, moving at fast speeds to ensure the needs of our stakeholders are met in a timely manner.

  • Data (Gb)

    Through our networks and firsthand exposure to information and insights, we form one of the most comprehensive sources of intelligences and relationships in Asia.

  • Energy (GW)

    Our vision is to be the catalyst in unlocking massive amounts of new installed capacity of clean energy as a direct result of our efforts.



    "Catalyst for Clean Energy Adoption in Asia. By Asia. In Asia. For Asia."


    • To EMPOWER in-country stakeholders and facilitate regional cooperation
    • To act as a CONDUIT to unlock investment into clean energy opportunities
    • To CONDUCT services that enable green recovery and just transition
    • To always TRANSMIT reliable, timely, and credible information and insights to partners and stakeholders