Advocacy and Community Engagement Platforms

The Problem

Programmes are often only as good as their outreach potential in order to maximise their community impact and effectiveness. Unfortunately, many programs are limited in terms of their geographic scope, reputation, etc.

Our Solution

Strategic Communications

Our track record in strategic communications and leveraging on partner networks means that we can help clean energy project owners, responsible investors, industry associations and civil society organisations (CSOs) achieve the intended impact of their work. Our ability to craft meaningful and impactful campaigns means that our clients can focus on project delivery and other key tasks while we help with the stakeholders’ engagement for more impactful outcomes.

Programme and Project Management

Our team has vast experience in managing nationwide, regional and international projects, managing multiple, cultural and geographically diverse stakeholders. We are able to develop region specific and appropriate engagement platforms and programmes that will gain better traction in areas where our clients wish to see more impact of their work.


Main Office:

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #02-44 Singapore 415934