Capital Raise Facilitation

The Problem

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Southeast Asia’s overall energy demand is set to grow by 60% between 2019 and 2040. Renewable capacity is expected to expand by more than one-third over the next five years, led by solar PV and hydropower. f Lower production costs, governments and communities’ growing desire to reduce air pollution and fight climate change, and the strategic need to diversify beyond fossil fuels for economic resilience, will only fuel growth for renewable energy However, renewable energy investments require significant upfront capital and many project developers need support to raise the equity and debt needed to bring projects to the finish line.

Our Solution

Giga Asia uses it wide networks in the region to help green energy asset owners and developers source for appropriate financing solutions. We start by understanding the project specifications, financial and non-financial objectives, and what are the strategic, operational and financial risks relevant to the local context. We identify and recommend the appropriate financing
options – such as project financing, debt issuance, equity and even crowdfunding. We will source for domestic and cross-border financing that is fair, cost-effective and socially beneficial. Finally, we broker win-win deals between the project owners and suitable investors.


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