Green Finance Advisory and Training

The Problem

Green Finance --- which may encompass integrating frameworks for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, shifting financial flows to climate-aligned and environmentally-beneficial projects, and building capacity of actors to proactively address challenges and identify opportunities, is a relatively new field in Asia, particularly for emerging SE Asian markets. In particular, complying with emerging green finance frameworks can be quite challenging for financial institutions( FIs), including many banks and investors, especially those with no experience in green finance.

Our Solution

Giga Asia’ in-house expertise coupled with strategic partnerships with external organisations means that we are ready to take on sound, reliable, and trustworthy research on a wide range of subjects and topics. Giga Asia can help FIs assess reputational risks and engage with local stakeholders. GIga Asia’s on-the-ground knowledge, communications networks, and technical expertise can inform the design, implementation, and accountability of sustainable projects.

Giga Asia can also support smaller banks in capacitating on E&S risk integration. We tap on on- ground networks and market familiarity to identify clean energy and other social impact opportunities in the region for clients, consistent with their investment objectives and time horizons.

Giga Asia can help our clients build internal capability and amongst their partners by developing and delivering customized online and face-to-face training programmes. Our training taps on external green finance trends and internal expertise, so that clients can learn and apply best practices, manage risks and seize emerging opportunities.


Main Office:

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